10 things newlyweds must think about

Groom puts ring on bride's finger

Settling into married life is not without its fair share of surprises. Some may even catch you completely off guard, as the movies you watched never showed just how much of a slob Prince Charming really is or that the perfect girl next door cannot boil water to save her life.

The truth is, just as in every other new situation or partnership, you will be challenged. However, if you are properly prepared, you can rise to the occasion and even have a good laugh when the unexpected pops up.  With a sense of humour, a dash of ingenuity and a pocket full of ‘Plan Bs’, you are ready to navigate the sea of love.

Bride holds a bouquet

Here are 10 things newlyweds need to consider.

  • The high cost of everyday living. If you moved straight from your parents to your matrimonial home, you are in for the shock of your life.
  • Sex may not be as mind-blowing and earth-shattering as you see in the movies. Do not let Pornhub and those fake moans ruin your relationship!
  • Morning breath is awful, and so is flatulence.
  • While you enjoy a newfound intimacy, you should still close the bathroom door when you are doing a number two. Please and thanks.
  • Many things that you thought were cute about your significant other will become irritating. Just ride the wave of compromise. It too shall pass.
  • You now have to check in with another person.
  • Your ‘In Case of Emergency’ person needs to change in your phone and all important documents
  • You can no longer vent about your spouse to your family members. Stop it immediately, as this does not bode well for a happy union.
  • There must be a prompt discussion about money moving forward, as there needs to be consensus about bills and expenses.
  • You can no longer spend several nights a week out gallivanting with the boys or lyming with the girls because you now have a primary relationship that needs to be watered and nourished. It is time to make your partner the priority.  

Written by C.W.

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