10 things to give up if you want to be happy

Many of us pursue wealth with such dogged determination; you would think riches were promised to us. We subscribe to the idea of money being at the center of our peace of mind and happiness, but is this really so? Yes, money is important it cannot produce life, love or even liberty. This means that there are things we can do without in order to have some satisfaction and a good night’s rest.

Happiness looks different on everyone and your journey to achieving it will also be different.

The following are some things people polled shared are what they feel we can do without in the pursuit of happiness. Some are pretty simple while others will have you saying “wow, that deep”. Peruse and see if you approve.

1. Your expectation of others: If you stop expecting people to live up to your standards, you cannot be disappointed.

2. Trying to change your partner: You cannot change people, learn that.

You can’t change your partner and you shouldn’t try. Help them see the things that hurt you and let them decide if they want to change.

3. Fear: The kind that cripples you and prevents you from living your best life.

4. Dwelling on the past: Rehashing old hurt and pain is a recipe that should be discarded  

5. Your ex: They are exes for a reason. When they call, do not answer. In fact, block the number!

Conversations with your ex are best not had. You already know why you’re not together, why revisit that?

6. Loving someone that does not love you: Unrequited love is a pain I would not wish on an enemy

7. The need to win every argument: How’s that been working out for you?

8. Making someone a priority when you are just an option: Do not give anyone that kind of power over you.

You don’t need to win every argument, that rarely ever solves anything.

9. Being a people-pleaser: Isn’t it just exhausting?

10. Trying to be perfect: The last person who was, ended up nailed to a cross. Enough said!!