10 things you appreciate more with age

Health is one of those things we take for granted; not so much as you age.

Have you ever sat and wondered what you will be like at age 100? If you’ll still be able to get round independently, communicate and still have all of your marbles?

Ageing gracefully is a blessing and there are a few things that senior citizens will tell you they value even more with maturing.

1. Good health insurance: Medication and doctor visits are not cheap.

2. Sleep: You never appreciate the value of a good night’s sleep until you can no longer get it.

Sleep hits differently as you age. It actually becomes something you look forward to.

3. Mobility: Just moving around unassisted is a blessing in itself.

4. Friendships: After a while you start attending more funerals than you care to, so treasure the real connections you still have.

5. Food: As long you did not put it in a blender first to whip it up, it should taste heavenly.

I mean, what more is there to be said?

6. Waking up: Opening your eyes to the beauty of a new day is a miracle that does not go unappreciated.  

7. Bowel movements: To still be able to have one without a prescribed stool softener? Magical.

8. ‘Morning wood’ (an erection):  What’s there to say?

9. Liquor: Having a ‘tot ‘or two brings a little joy to the end of a day.

10. Health: Having good health is always something to be appreciative of, especially when you know it could start declining at any day.