10 traits of a successful person

The measure of one’s success can vary from person to person but most agree that it is a mix of personal and professional achievement.

We all want to be successful in life. As children, when we were asked to say what we wanted to become, nobody ever fathomed uttering being a failure. Of course not! But what exactly is success and how does one get to be successful?

One school of thought refers to success as the accomplishment of a goal or purpose while another defines it as the attainment of wealth, fame and social status. Everyone’s definition of success may vary but generally when we think of someone who is successful we think of people who have a balance of wealth, peace of mind and emotional wellness.

Having a formal education can be an indicator of success but the continued pursuit of knowledge, formal or otherwise, is a truer mark.

Money is not the only requisite for success. If that were so, rich people would not commit suicide. No, success may be that thin fine line that you attain when you wake up in the morning and smile instead of sigh; you count your blessing instead of incessantly complain and give thanks for the many small things that go right rather than gripe or groan about those that are not perfect.

The following represents a few of the traits or characteristics exhibited or employed by people who may be perceived as successful.

1. They read daily: It may not necessarily be the Wall Street Journal but everyday they try to keep abreast of world news or read some article that piques their interest. Sorry, six hours of watching cartoons or the Kardashians doesn’t cut it.

Successful people read often and widely. It’s part of the desire to know more and impart knowledge.

2. Continuously learn: It doesn’t have to be a degree or formal education but they are always acquiring knowledge that they eventually put to good use. If nothing else, they will be able to hold a conversation at a dinner table.

3. Embrace change: While we get that change must come, some people resist it. Successful people not only accept it but make the necessary adjustment so that change becomes a part of them.

The response to change is a good indicator of whether someone will be successful or not.

4. Forgive: They do so to let go of anything that may be holding them back.

5. Talk about new ideas: They are constantly bouncing ideas and initiatives off people.

6. Set goals: Developing life plans and having goals is a part of their DNA. They do not just sit down and wait on things to happen.

7. Accept responsibility for their failures: And then they learn from them

8. Have a sense of gratitude: Each day is a gift that they are eager to see unfold.

9.  They are self-motivated: They do not rely on a ‘hype’ man or woman to get them going.

10. Know that practice makes perfect:  So if they do not get it right the first time, they will keep going until they do.