10 ways to get over a breakup

For some of us, breakups are like a visit to the dentist, a short lived pain that we endure, knowing that we’ll be pain-free after. For others (looks away) it’s like an inexperienced dentist extracting a wisdom tooth with very little anesthesia that goes on way longer than it should.

But whether the pain from a breakup is short-lived or prolonged – the fact is, breakups are often hard to deal with. It’s why we’ve taken the time to find 10 ways that you can get over a breakup and move on with you dating life.

Embrace your feelings

You’re hurting, admit it to yourself and stop trying to act as though you’re not, this will only lengthen the healing period. Take the time to embrace and process your emotions.

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Nobody expects you to all sunshine after a breakup (Photo: Business Insider)

Put it all in perspective

When your bowl of ice cream and box of tissue are finished, you may wanna try putting the relationship in perspective. If you’re being completely honest with yourself, you may realise that the relationship was doomed from the get-go. What were the red flags you ignored? Were you really compatible? Would you be better off without him/her? Be honest with yourself.

Make a pros and cons list

Sometimes when we’re going through a breakup we tend to overly romantise our partners, and focus only on the good memories. But, if it were all good, then you two would probably still be together right? Right. So make a pros and cons list of your relationship. This will give you an objective view of your relationship, and you may even find that the cons outweighed the pros.

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Make a pros and cons list (College Info Geek)

Don’t play the blame game

Other than this only serving to emotionally exhaust you further, the ‘blame game’ always end with you blaming yourself. Instead of playing this hurtful game, try saying neutral things like ‘we saw things differently’.

Don’t wait around for closure

Getting closure at the end of a relationship is a gift granted to few. If you wait around to receive closure, to get answers to all the ‘whys’, then you may be waiting a long time. Do yourself a favour – accept that closure may never come and be willing to move on.

Find a hobby

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Your new hobby could be something that relaxes you (Photo: Lifehack)

Before you go cutting your hair, try finding a new hobby instead. This will provide a distraction from the pain, and prevent you from sitting around all day drowning in memories of what was.

Find a creative outlet

Whether it be writing, painting, photography or anything that you’re good at, use your pain to create masterpieces – make the pain worth it.

Take a trip somewhere new

If you have the funds, then it might be time for a new adventure. What’s that one place you’ve always wanted to visit? Round up a few friends and take that trip. If you wanna make it more intimate, then you can even choose to go alone.

Focus on you

Stop viewing your new state of singleness as a lonely ride, instead use the time to focus on you. It sounds cliché, but the truth is you may never get a chance where you can be completely selfish with your time. Create new goals, get your finances in order, start a business-do whatever YOU want to do.

Do some self care

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Take care of yourself (Photo: Medical News Today)

You really do feel better about yourself when you start taking care of it. Whatever self care entails for you-going to the gym, cooking home cooked meals, yoga, skin care routines, then do it.