10 ways to get over your ex

Relationships are hard, breakups are even harder. Here’s our advice on how to deal with these trying times.

The person who originally said “it is better to have loved and lost, than never have loved at all” better not catch us in these streets. What is so great about heartache and pain? Who said it was noble to be hurt and then bury it beneath a gallon of ice cream?

A broken heart may eventually heal but the process is no joke; oftentimes you cannot get the memories out of your mind despite your best efforts.

The healing process can be a long one, but taking those first small steps will get you started.

Friends and family may tell you to shake it off and move on with your life but this is usually easier said than done, especially if the love was deep-seeded and if the relationship lasted years.

However, there are some steps that may not make it one hundred per cent better but over time should at least allow you to sleep at night.

1. Stop following them on social media: Who needs to see them smiling and enjoying life just fine without you? Do not torture yourself.

Unfollow, unsubscribe and unfriend. Those daily reminders aren’t good for your peace of mind. Let’s try to heal first.

2. Remove their photographs from your presence, especially your phone: Please to take down that huge portrait you have of them hanging above your bed. Like seriously?

3. Avoid frequenting you visited together: Stop going there and walking down memory lane like it’s the yellow brick road. Find a new lane and stay in it.

That spot y’all used to hang out every weekend? Let ’em have it.

4. Start working out: Release some happy endorphins and begin to feel good about yourself again. Also, nothing says “Over it!” like being in the best shape of your life.

5. Do not stay home and brood: We will observer the required period of mourning but go out with good friends and create new memories. It will definitely help ease your mind.

Get off the couch and do something that will help to clear your mind.

6. Take up a hobby, preferably one that has nothing at all to do with your ex.

7. Refresh your look: Nothing drastic or extreme like plastic surgery, but you can change your hair style or colour and step out with renewed confidence

8. Re-arrange your furniture: It sounds simple but looking at the space the person loved to occupy or staring at their favourite chair is not doing you any good. Re-paint, rearrange and renew.

If they left it behind, pack it up and ship it out. You do not need the constant reminders.

9. Get rid of the clothes and shoes they left behind: For heaven sake, do not lie in bed smelling perfume/cologne. Donate it all to the Salvation Army where it can do some good.

10. Get counselling: Breakups can be hard, it helps to talk to someone who may have a fresh perspective and is equipped to advise you.