10 ways to stop thinking about your troubles

A troubled mind can take much to be soothed.

The ability to overlook life’s many challenges is what determines our growth. Everyone has their cross to bear, some more burdensome than others, and the key is to find ways to manage our stress or simply take our minds off our issues when a solution is not always readily available.

People cope using a myriad of outlets, some good and others…dubious in nature. Ideally, we should attempt to work out solutions that allow us the best case outcome or the closest thing to it.

Many turn to a bottle to drown their sorrows, if temporarily.

Peruse the list below and see if your method of coping made the list.

1. Alcohol: Bottom’s up! Some try to drown their sorrows in a bottle.

2. Music: It is said to tame the savage of beast. Indeed, music transcends many barriers including language and even mood. 

3. YouTube: I guarantee that if you need something to occupy your mind, just browse through this media and you will easily lose track of time.

If you want something to make you forget about your worries, this is the rabbit hole you need to climb down.

4. Sex: It can deliver some much need serotonin, the happy drug your body releases which makes it all worthwhile.

5. Pornography: It may not be for everyone, but we’ve gotten zero complaints from those who resort to it.

6. Reading: Why not escape to a faraway place and immerse yourself in plots and characters that make your imagination run wild?

Sleep has the benefit of putting your mind at ease and also ensuring you can’t think about your problems because, well you’re not conscious.

7. Sleep: When you are asleep you cannot worry about your problem. It is as simple as that.

8. Meditation: It clears your mind and helps you to focus on the bigger picture and not be so stuck on what you cannot change.

9. Yoga: It strengthens you body and also helps you focus your energy on positive matters

Physical activity does wonders to help you clear your mind.

10. Exercise:  Why not burn off some excessive energy and make yourself look good, if only for some time. The problem has not gone but at least you can try to look good while resolving it.