10 ways to tell if a man is married

Hey, has it crossed your mind that Mr Perfect may already be taken? You should consider it if you have misgivings.

Have you ever met a guy who is just too perfect? He looks like Denzel, has compassion like Obama, makes you laugh like Kevin Hart and feel protected by Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson. He has a good job, good credit, good teeth and a great personality so you are reeling from the impact of his perfection but secretly wondering why no woman has snatched him up as yet. Or has she?

Since no woman wants to be made a fool of, it spells sense to know exactly what time it is before you commit to someone may already be committed.

Finding out that your perfect guy is married after the fact may be devastating. Do your due diligence before and don’t ignore obvious signs.

Below are 10 ways to tell if a man is married:

1. His ring finger is discoloured: Either that or he always has on a Band-Aid. Come on now.

2. His clothes are always immaculately ironed: No he is not metrosexual, he simply has a woman taking care of his wardrobe.

3. He accidentally says ’we’ instead of ‘I’ a lot: That is the language used by couples.

4. He is always falling asleep: Running around and trying to sort his story out keeps him tired.

5. He does not maintain eye contact with females: This is when a man is trained to look away from his wife’s friends.

6. He picks fights unexpectedly to leave: Do not kid yourself, this is deliberate.

7. You cannot get in contact with him, especially at nights: If he is not a doctor on call, then what is with all the privacy?

8. You know only a few of his friends and none of his immediate family members: The less people you know the easier it is to keep the charade going.

9. He says he has a job that takes him out of town often: If he does not drive trucks, that’s a lame enough excuse.

10. He says he has to have ‘me time’ when he cannot be contacted: Girl, run!