10 ways to tell if a man is really packing

There are several signs that can tell you if a man is well endowed.

They say size matters. And if you are a size queen, you probably need a size king. So, it might be time to look out for the signs that will make you grin from ear to ear as your prayers have been answered. While no ‘test’ is foolproof, if combined, they can usually be a good indicator that the odds of being ‘super-sized’ are in your favour and your days (and nights) will be busy and blissful.

Though some may refer to them as old wives’ tales that hold no significance, others swear that ‘if it nuh go so, it nearly go so’. Just on the off chance that these signs are in fact true, pay close attention to the things that can be your passport to paradise. Happy hunting!

Some women believe that size really does matter.

Passport to paradise

1. Pree his ring finger. Some scientists believe that a man whose ring finger is longer than his pointer fingers tends to be ‘packing’.

2. Watch his ‘imprint’ in his tight jeans. If you think a picture is worth a thousand words, then a bulge is worth more than an encyclopaedia. This is always a sure giveaway… unless of course it’s padded with a bobby sock.

3. His gait. Yup, the way he walks around can be a good indicator, as that ‘third leg’ is a lot to haul around if its proportion is not normal.

4. Assess if his hands are huge. Like King Kong size that dwarfs everyone else’s. Yes, that is a very promising start.

There might be a link between big feet and large private parts.

5.  Examine his shoe size. Some say that there is a direct correlation between the size of a man’s shoes and his private parts, hence you either ask a direct question or you gauge how big his Clarks are. Anything over size 11 gets a green light!

6. Check out the distance between the tip of his pinky and that of his thumb. Spread from one tip to the next, it can give you an idea of how ‘lengthy’ his conversations will be.

7. If he is overweight, this is a huge red flag. Some say that for every 50 pounds of excess weight, a man loses an inch of his visible package. Do the maths.

They say men who are overweight might have smaller penises.

8. If number six is true then it stands to reason that seven is also on point as tall, skinny men are said to be gifted with packages that are out of this world since they correlate less muscle mass to more meat.

9. A sizeable nose. Some say if a man’s nose is larger relative to the overall size of his face then it is all systems go, therefore the nose knows!

10. If he constantly talks about it, it doesn’t exist! Experts swear that men who are always sharing how great they are, are usually overcompensating for what they actually lack.

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