10 ways to tell she might be giving you ‘bun’

While women are said to be crafty and creative in their approach to cheating, nothing is foolproof. And if a man is observant, he will notice subtle signs that should not be ignored, and if taken all together, can paint a pretty damming picture that ‘ants eena you milk!’ 

There are some telltale signs that trouble is in paradise and that another man is entering the promised land, unbeknown to you the gatekeeper.

Pay attention… there might be trouble in paradise.

Don’t be caught off guard…

Watch for the following signs, and do not be caught off guard.

1.  Her wardrobe to work has not only expanded but the quality of the pieces has gotten nicer/prettier. She is now dressing to please someone else.

2. Her hair and nails get done more often. Women like to look cute, but if there is no recent promotion or injection of capital, someone may be paying for her to get all ‘dolled up’

3. You see new lingerie on the clothes lines… but she is not using it with you.

4. She spends more time getting dressed and pays more attention to her personal upkeep and maintenance.

5. She finally started using that gym membership you have been paying for. She is getting all the kinks out of the body so that she can be more toned and flexible.

A common sign of when a woman is cheating is when she suddenly starts dressing up more.

She is smiling more often…

6. She wants to try new sex positions when she wasn’t interested before. Da da deee……

7. Her day and activities are still stressful and hectic… yet she is smiling more often and even singing to herself. Something (or someone) is keeping her happy and mellow, and it is not washing your boxers full of skid marks.

8. She argues with you less and sometimes just smiles and says ‘Ok’. When have you ever heard a woman say ‘OK’ and it really is OK? This must mean that she has found a great stress reliever, and it is not the TV soap operas.

9. She no longer complains or nags you about not paying her enough attention or asks for you to carry her out more. That is because there is a substitute that has been taking up the slack where you fell down. Hush papa.

10. She sometimes has that far away, nostalgic look on her face as if she reliving a pleasant memory. She is reliving it all right. Reliving how powerful an orgasm she had during her last ‘visit’.

— Written by C.W.

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