103-year-old beats coronavirus, celebrates with beer

What’s a good way to mark beating the COVID-19? Having a celebratory beer, of course!

At least that’s what 103-year-old Jennie Stejma wanted after spending two weeks isolated in a Massacusetts nursing home after she was infected by the coronavirus.

After being declared virus-free on May 13, the centenarian asked her caretakers for a Bud Light beer.

A photo of the moment has since gone viral, with Stejma’s granddaughter saying she has “always had that feisty fighting spirit”.

That’s great news for her extended family, which includes four great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren, who will be able to have her around for a longer time.

This isn’t the first time news of centenarians beating the odds and coronavirus have lifted spirits for those looking for something to smile about in these times.

Earlier this month, another centenarian in Iceland was also reported to have beaten the virus which has infected nearly six million people, just days shy of her 103rd birthday.