11 affirmations you should make daily

Daily affirmations can help to center you and keep you thinking positively.

Whether you use a post-it system or simply stare into your mirror each morning, positive affirmations are key to changing your outlook. Put some positivity into your thoughts and it could help to raise your spirits. You are what you think and thoughts plus spoken words have the power to either harm or empower so be careful of what you speak into your life.

Always remind yourself that you are special; that there is no other like you and God was so pleased with you that He broke the mould. There is no need for a replica because you, in your perfectly imperfect state, are enough as you are.

It is important that you remind yourself of all you have accomplished and remember what more there is to come for you.

The following are a few affirmations or mantras you can chant, say or whisper to yourself each day. At first, it may sound strange coming from our own mouth, they may sound like self-praise but often we do not praise ourselves enough. It is not about being arrogant, it’s about loving yourself so much that the universe will show its appreciation by loving you too. It is mentally taking care of yourself before you can take care of others. Start now!

1. You have come a long way.

2. You will figure things out as you go along.

3. It takes courage to be different and do your own thing.

4. It takes strength to change.

5. What you are feeling is normal.

6. You are brave.

7. Though you make mistakes, you will do better next time.

8. You are amazing.

9. Do not take everything so personally.

10. Move on when you are ready.

11. It is okay to let go.