11 great ways to stretch your paycheque

The saying ‘water more than flour’ is a Jamaican proverb which speaks to hard financial times, where scarce resources require you to choose as there is not enough to meet to all of one’s wants and needs.

When one gets paid monthly and by day ten of the month you are eating ramen noodles and struggling to make it to day 25, it is time to take stock and make some drastic changes in your life.

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Money does not grow on trees and digging your way out of a financial quagmire will not be easy, but until you get a better paying gig, you have to implement some common-sense strategies because the struggle does not have to be that real if you live within your means.

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  1. A budget needs to become your best friend. This will keep you financially focussed as you list the priorities like rent and light first. Nails and massages are gravy and right now gravy is optional on your food.
  2. Cut back on eating out, because you cannot afford it. Unless a friend offers to treat you, you have no business at a restaurant.
  3. Start carrying lunch to work. Yup, packing lunch can save your thousands each week as box food is not cheap.
  4. Forget about those expensive hair bundles or extensions. Who says you need new virgin Peruvian or Brazilian hair to be fly? Either wash and re-use the hair you already own or go watch YouTube tutorial on how to care and style your own beautiful mane.
  5. Find a friend who is an amateur stylist and get your do done for free or at a minimal cost. If you offer to be her hair model and post the results all over your social media, she will be getting free publicity so learn to barter your way into solvency.
  6. Avoid unnecessary purchases like new clothes, jewellery and shoes. Make do with what you have.
  7. Cut up those credit cards since you can no longer afford the charges and late fees

Let’s know how you make it through to the next paycheque with these tips!