11 things women first notice in men

What was the thing that first attracted you to your man? Most women have an answer fro that question.

The dating game, that primal ritual people have to endure until they find what they want or, at least, will tolerate. They say the pickings are slim on both sides, with men complaining women only want money and women complaining that men are shallow and only interested in their physical attributes. Nevertheless, the courtships continue as people need people.

When it comes to men, women have their checklist ready and at the waiting. Forget about that emotional, spiritual connection, we are talking about what you can discern at first sight which either appeals or repels you.

Before even asking for a date, many women will have ensured men meet certain requiremets.

Here is a list of things that does it for women:

1. Fingernails: Homeboy better not be looking like he’s a mechanic with grease under his nails. Unless, he is a mechanic and just left the shop.

2. Teeth: Even if they are crooked, which he may not be able to anything about, just yet, they should at least be clean.

3. Shoes: A man who pays attention to his shoes will pay attention to other minute details.

4. Legs: That’s kinda self-explanatory.

5. Package: Women seem to think that they can discern size with a glance.

6. How he carries himself: Whether he has swag/confidence or he stoops and looks awkward.

7. What he says: If his first words are a cheesy pick up line, you are gone.

8. Ensemble: Is he flashy and wears lots of jewellery? Wear name brand pieces from head to toe or is he more subdued?

9. Eyes: They’re not called the ‘windows to the soul’ for nothing.

10. Height:  A tall drink of water may just be what the doctor ordered.

11.Ring finger: Y’all know men out here be brazen.