12 best ‘Take Me Back’ songs

‘To err is human’ therefore in any relationship we may act the fool only to eventually realise what we gave up was actually worth fighting for.

Nothing says ‘Take me back’ like a heartfelt song you ca both connect to.

We may break up to make up but sometimes we break up and the other party has clearly moved on or the damage is so irreplaceable they are no longer interested. So what to do? Finding a song that perfectly chronicles everything we feel but maybe cannot express is sometimes the way to go.

The following are a few ‘take me back’ tunes that span decades but capture the most heartfelt messages our heart may speak even when our lips cannot. Some are contemporary and you may know the lyrics, others are old school and may be from when our parents used to spin old vinyl records in the front room.

No matter the era, the essence remains: I was a fool but I learnt my lesson so please give me another chance.

1. Baby Come Back by Player: This 1970s song had every man on his knees pleading with his lady love

2. I Apologize by Anita Baker: You can do no wrong with Ms Baker.

3. Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton: If this doesn’t work, nothing else will!

4. Just Give Me A Reason by Pink: All you need is an opportunity to make amends.

5. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart by The Bee Gees: Deep and reflective

6. Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars: Because what you feel is bigger than planet Earth.

7. You Never Gave Up on Me by Crystal Gayle: When you finally appreciate what you had.

8. Love Me Please by Yvonne Elliman: A simple but heartfelt refrain.

9. You were Meant for Me by Jewel: You cannot say it any better.

10. Let Her Go by the Passengers: Facing the consequences no matter what

11. On Bended Knees by Boyz II Men: And if he comes with a boom box, you know he is serious.

12. Be Without You by Mary J. Blige: Raw emotion in every word, every stanza.