12 common (and outrageous) myths about pregnancy

Having carried a small human inside me, I heard my fair share of the odd things people say to or tell pregnant women to do.

Pregnancy can be a difficult time for some women but the things people say can be as hard.

There are a billion myths floating around, some reflective of our world view and superstitions while others just lack rationale and reason but may certainly give you a good belly laugh. 

Read the list below and share any we may have missed:

1. Two or more pregnant women should not walk together as the last one to give birth will be in a world of pain.

2. If you are pregnant and crave a particular food but don’t get it, scratching your skin will give the child a ‘mark’ usually shaped just like the food you had craved.

3. Do not peep into a bottle or keyhole because your child will be born with a squinty eye.

it’s said that if you don’t get something you crave while pregnant, the child will be born with a mark shaped like the food.

4. Avoid having sex late into your pregnancy as the penis will poke the baby in the eye and give it ‘pink eye’.

5.  A lizard jumping on you is an indicator that you are pregnant.

6.  If you have heartburn during pregnancy it’s because the baby has a lot of hair on its head.

7. If you sit with your legs crossed, delivery will be difficult.

8.  If you start experiencing boils under your armpit, you are pregnant.

9. If a toddler lifts up your dress, you are also pregnant.

10. Stay away from needle and thread when you pregnant, the baby may get tied up in its umbilical cord.

11.  Do not hate, hold a grudge or malice anyone. Your child could come out resembling that person.

12. Avoiding sleeping a lot during pregnancy, your baby will be lazy.