12 reasons to date a low maintenance girl

A low maintenance woman will not get caught up in the unimportant details, she sees the big picture.

Some men love a challenge and pursue women who are high maintenance, to say the least.

News flash: life is not perfect and that’s okay because we find joy in life’s many imperfections as we mature. If a man is ready to not be led around by the picture he has in his head of the perfect girlfriend or what society says he should want, then he may just be ready to find Mrs Right.

Here are some reasons to date a low maintenance woman:

1.  She can get ready in half an hour. And that includes taking a shower.

2. You can take her anywhere. She fits in for all the right reasons.

3. She will not cry if she breaks a nail. Nope, she has an emery board in her bag to fix it.

4. She knows how to ‘dress up’ jeans. A chic jacket and some stilettos after 6:00 pm and it’s on and popping.

5. She will never complain that she has nothing to wear. She can mix and match with the best of them.

6. Does not freak out if a strand of hair is out of place.

7. Make-up is basically eye liner, mascara and lipstick. She is naturally beautiful and knows it.

8. Does not run from taking impromptu photos. She is photogenic and always ready with a smile.

9. Both sides are her good side. Yes, she never takes a bad picture because the camera loves her.

10. Cannot be swayed by expensive gifts. In other words, she will not be bought.

11. Does not crowd you. She is not your ‘deodorant’ and has to go everywhere with you.

12. Does not try to change you. Her aim is not to make you over to her specification.