12-year-old is allergic to water

Danielle McCraven (Photo: Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

Last year, 12-year-old Danielle McCraven began to develop an itchy and painful rash whenever she came in contact with water.

The girl, who was part of her school’s swimming team in Louisiana, United States, soon discovered that she was allergic to water.

She was diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria after her mom noticed a persistent rash on her body every time she showered.

Aquagenic urticaria is a condition so rare it is thought to affect less than 100 people worldwide.

Danielle now has to carry around an EpiPen in case she goes into anaphylactic shock. She also has to stay indoors during the summer.

Her mother, Sari, 39, said her daughter’s rare diagnosis has been very painful for her.

“She used to love swimming, and she was in tears last summer when she couldn’t go swimming with her friends,” she told the Mirror.

“She’s allergic to bottled water, saltwater, tap water, but she can ingest it. It’s stressful when she needs to wash her face or have a shower because she doesn’t want to do it, she’s scared,” she continued. “It scares me when it covers her whole body because it means it’s getting worse.”

“It can cause her to go into anaphylactic shock or it can get into her lungs if she has a bad break out so it is life-threatening.”