14 inventions we can’t live without

They are often referred to as “the best things since slice bread” because the creation of these items revolutionised the way we lived. Some are decades old while others have popped up over the past few years becoming so ingrained in daily life we wonder how we functioned without them.  

Your kids will never know the struggle of waiting for Internet that moved at snail’s pace.

Scroll through the list below and see what inventions, if any, you would add.

1. Air conditioning: Some do not consider it modern but it completely revolutionised air quality and temperature control. Imagine having to brave this summer’s sweltering heat without an AC reprieve!

Life before air generated from a machine that instantly cools? Can’t imagine it.

2. GPS: Global positioning system made it possible for even those with the worst sense of direction to travel with some level of confidence.

3. Smartphones: Who would have thought that one day we would ask a device questions and it would talk back to us?

4.  Internet: Information, news and music all at the simple click of button

It’s a computer, television, camera, bank and more. Is there anything it can’t do? (Photo: Michael Short/Bloomberg)

5. Email: Imagine writing ‘circling back’ or ‘further to my earlier correspondence’ to a letter sent two weeks ago.

6. Electric car: A vehicle you can plug in, who would have ‘thunk’ it?

7. Fitbit: The easiest way to monitor your health.

Working out without tracking your progress and sharing it with the world is so 2001.

8. Credit card: Buying goods without spending actual money? Wow! (Also, please exercise good money management if you have one.)

9. Laptop: If you knew that the original computer took up an entire room, you would understand just how good we’ve now got it.

10. Smart TV: Move over cable, we’ve found the next big thing.

Remember when your parents couldn’t get you from in front the TV? Same thing but with a world of endless opportunities.

11. Microwave: Whether you love it or think it zaps the taste out of your food, you have to admit that it makes life simpler.

12. Drones: From mapping to making movies, everybody wants one.

Adding to to our bridal registry, thanks in advance for the spectacular wedding photos.

13. Fibre optics: To transmit signals in less time than it takes to blink? Better cable, internet and telecommunications? Thanks, we’ll take two.

14. Cloud storage: From files to pictures and videos, storage has never been this easy