15 dumb things we did for love

To be foolish is one thing, to be foolish for love is a whole other ball game. We have all played the fool but have you ever done something so foolish it had your friends asking ‘You really did that’?

We’ve all been there, trying to save a relationship or ‘fix’ someone and end up doing things we live to regret.

In order to make any relationship work, we sometimes need to compromise but how far is too far?

Check out our list of craziest things we have done for love an see if you can relate to any!

1. Having a relationship! Period! Sometimes you wish you had X-ray vision to see ‘crosses’ when it’s standing in front of you.

Sometimes just getting together because of how you felt was the mistake. Ignoring many tell-tale signs that you’re just not right for each other.

2. Take out a loan for them: This does not usually end well, even in friendships.

3. Act as their guarantor: If people really knew how much Students’ Loan Bureau can harass them, they would think twice.

Imagine being someone’s guarantor for them to turn around and leave you hanging?

4. Have a threesome: It’s like potato chips, you can’t just have one and done!

5. Pay their college/university tuition: Hard pass.

Sending you to school on my dime for you to turn on a dime? Mhm.

6. Tattoo their name on your body: Not for love or money, it’s not happening. Again.

7. Lose weight: It was not the individual trying to be healthier but because their partner told them that they needed to lose the weight or they would leave. Imagine that.

Losing weight to appease them and what they think you should look like…there is so much to unpack here.

8. Get cosmetic surgery: Were those implants worth it? I hope so, because they’re still here and he’s not.

9. Put their name on your bank account/ house title: Not today, Satan!

Adding someone to the title for your home is a big step, HUGE atually.

10. Go through their phone: This never ends well. If you have reason to look, it’s reason to leave.

11. Lie to make them feel good: Not the little white lie like ‘Yes I like your new hairstyle’ but big lies like ‘Yes, you satisfy me sexually’. Boy oh boy!

12. Puncture a tyre /key a car: To be honest, we could list worse things but jail…

I bust the windows out your car…and that’s just the things I’m willing to admit to.

13. Stalk them: Straight up, no relationship is worth losing your peace of mind like that.  

14. Send nudes: You know the horror stories, let’s not tell them ourselves.

15. Make a sex tape: Speaking of horror stories…just don’t!