15 of the best break-up songs ever created…

Some songs have a way of expressing exactly how you feel.

We hear them all the time, and when we are mad at our spouses, we crank up the volume and swear that it is over and we are not looking back. Sometimes we mean it and sometimes they sweet-talk us into giving them another chance. Breaking up is never easy, but music has a way of making the ache a little easier and the pain a little less palpable.

The following 15 songs represent how we have all felt at some point in our lives. Some bring back memories we would rather suppress while others evoke that bitter-sweet feeling we know too well. See how many you remember.

Bittersweet feeling

1. Too Late to Apologise (2006) by Justin Timberlake and One Republic

2. I Will Survive (1978) by Gloria Gaynor

3. I Learnt From The Best (1999) by Whitney Houston

4. Someone That I Used To Love (1980s) by Barbra Streisand

5. I Don’t Have The Heart (1990) by James Ingram

6. I Can’t Make You Love Me (2001) by George Michaels

7. It Must Have Been Love (1987) by the Roxettes

8. Careless Whispers (1985) by Wham

9. Total Eclipse of the Heart (1983) by Bonnie Tyler

10. Irreplaceable (2006) by Beyonce

11. I’m Sorry (1960) by Brenda Lee

12. Burn (2004) By Usher

13. Big Girls Don’t Cry (2007) by Fergie

14. You’re So Vain (1972) by Carly Simon

15. I Will Always Love You (1982) by Dolly Parton

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