15 songs about cheating

Whether you want to call it a love triangle, ‘situationship’ or an ‘entanglement’, when a third enters a relationship it can prove sticky and downright tricky navigating those choppy waters. In the end, someone will be all washed up, that is if they don’t drown first.

Some of our favourite songs played on repeat, no skips, were the product of cheating.

Cheating is so common that we are tempted to believe that it is a part of any relationship but that may just be an excuse for those trying to justify their behaviour. Regardless of personal views, we must admit that out of that pain has come some iconic songs that perfectly encapsulate the nuances of ‘undercover love’.

Check our list below and see if you agree with our selections.

1. Stealing Love On the Side by Paul Kelly: The song bad enuh

2. As We Lay by Debra Cox or Shirley Murdock: Have you listened to the lyrics of this song? What a piece of drama!

3. Secret Lovers by Atlantic Starr: When you both in a relationship but need a occasional interlude.

4. Nobody Has To Know by Kranium: This song was a whole mood

5. Jim Screechie by Spice: Talking about daring to do it in your own residence, worse when you have nosey neighbours.

6. Me and Mrs Jones by Billy Paul: This song is a classic

7. Radio Lover by George Jones: When you understate your mate, it can have tragic consequences.

8. Creep by TLC:  Unless you are a baby, creeping should be left alone

9. Delilah by Tom Jones: Old School and still rocks

10. It’s Not Right but it’s Ok Bb Whitney Houston: It’s about walking away when you have had enough

11. Unfaithful by Rihanna: When you feel guilty but just cannot stop

12. It’s A Pity by Tanya Stephens: This song resonates with many Jamaicans, trust me

13. Confessions by Usher: This yah entanglement all bring forth baby.

14. Maybellene by Chuck Berry: She was a bad girl that just couldn’t be good

15. Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under: by Shania Twain: When you know he’s bad but just cannot leave him alone