20 ways to know you’re Jamaican

Are you a ‘yaadie’? If you’ve ever left the Rock for a while it’s an often asked question as Jamaicans stand out even when doing the most mundane things.

Jamaicans are unmistakable; you can usually spot one within moments of meeting regardless of where in the world you are.

We are extra, energetic, politically incorrect, peculiar in our habits and love to have our own way. It can drive others crazy… yet they always want to be around us as we bring the flavour, fun and the frolic to any good party.

As a real born Jamaica, there are some habits and traits that we often have, see how many you can readily identify.

Performers during Jamaica’s Independence Day Grand Gala celebrations at the National Stadium in Kingston last year. (Photo: JIS)

1. Finish your drink, then chew the ice loudly.

2. Use your lips to indicate the presence of someone.

3. Wake up and get piece of lime to “cut and clear!”

4. Eat a patty piping hot but pushing through.

5. (For men) seeing an attractive girl and calling to her “Pssst, sexy!” (Nowadays this constitutes sexual harassment!)

6. Saying “excuse” when you throw out anything at night.

7. Before any heavy drinking commences, pouring some on the ground for ‘the ancestors’.

8. Rise with the sun to go to the market on a Saturday morning.

9. Bathe in a basin with two bottles of water.

10. Draw your feet on a piece of cardboard and send it to ‘farrin’ so that you can get both your school and Christmas shoes.

11. Attach clothes pin on your blouse/shirt long before you are ready to hang out the wash.

12. Go to the shop and bawl out ‘Serve!’

13. Play ‘last lick’ with your friends after school.

14.  Shoot birds with your slingshot.

15. Eat your ‘Sunday /Monday’ on ‘Tuesday/Wednesday.

16. Stay for dinner at a friend’s house and then ‘nyam and go weh’ right after

17. Compete in the lime and spoon race on your school’s sports day

18. Remove your school shoes and walk home barefoot after it rains.

19. Cut your eyes at your teacher because you know you cannot dare back talk her.

20. Been sent out in the yard to cut your own switch to get your beating!