2000-year-old head of Rome’s empire discovered

(Photo: CNN)

The marble head of Augustus, Rome’s first emperor has been discovered in Isernia, an Italian town in the south-central region of Molise.

The discovery of the more 2000-year-old statue was made by Archaeologist Francesco Giancola while he was doing restoration works to repair a medieval wall that collapsed due to strong rains in 2013.

According to CNN, the 35-centimeter (13.78-inch) high head can be dated to between 20 BC and 10 AD, according to Maria Diletta Colombo, an archaeologist at the regional department of the ministry.

Naturally, Giancola did not expect to make such a massive find.

“While we were digging behind the wall, I saw that the earth changed color,” he said.

“So we continued digging with precision trowels and a block of marble has come out. I immediately saw that it was ahead that I recognized as belonging to a statue of Augustus due to the hair and the shape and cut of the eyes.”

Giancola said he immediately called the authorities, the mayor, and the cultural heritage ministry.