It’s mine: 2020 belongs to K’Coneil

K’Coneil (Photo: BUZZ/Chevaughn Hibbert)

K’Coneil took a gamble when he left his job in business and finance to pursue a career in music five years ago, but it has paid off. Almost a year after making that decision, the Jamaican born singer and songwriter debuted at number 20 on the Billboard Reggae chart with his Loveless EP.

This served as affirmation for K’Coneil that he was walking in his purpose. “I’ve been doing music every since I was a kid singing in church. When I finished My degree, I did business for few years, and then I decided to take the music seriously and do music full time now,” he said.

2020 belongs to K’Coneil (Photo: BUZZ/Chevaughn Hibbert)

K’Coneil grew up in Granville, St James. A talented footballer at the Cornwall College, K’Coneil caught the eyes of overseas scouts, and soon he received a scholarship from the Nayak university in New York.

But although he told BUZZ that he will always remain a business man, music has always been his first love, and he will forever pursue it.

Businessman turn artiste (Photo: BUZZ/ Chevaughn Hibbert)

K’Coneil infuses an R&B sound with his dancehall and reggae roots. The culturally diversity of his music is what he believes will take him all the way.

“Music is a feel good vibe, people listen my music whether they be in Jamaica or America. My songs are being played in Japan, Italy, Israel, and I’ve never been to any of those places, but people feel the music, so I feel like it can go all the way,” he said.

K’Coneil infuses an R&B sound with his reggae and dancehall roots (Photo: BUZZ/Chevaughn Hibbert)

K’Coneil tries to express both cultures he’s been exposed to in his music.“My single Bodi, is a different sound than the Finesse and Style single, Bodi was more R&B with a dancehall beat, and Finesse and Style gives you a straight kinda dancehall vibes,” he said.

“I am a Jamaica, so I will always have my reggae and dancehall roots. But I am an American citizen as well,” he added.

Finesse and Style

K’Coneil is hoping to break on the Jamaican scene with his latest single, Finesse and Style. The video was released in Jamaica in September 2019, and according to K’Coneil, it has been doing very well.

K’Coneil music grows from its reggae and dancehall roots (Photo: BUZZ/Chevaughn Hibbert)

“I’m not a household name yet, but a lot of people are familiar with me. I’ve been here for a little while, my songs are being played in all the parties in Kingston. 2020 is the year that I think everybody will know who K’Coneil is,” he said.