2022 Kia Cerato: Practical but fun

The 2022 Kia Cerato keeps the elements that works from the previous model while adding the expected modern conveniences.

As the masses move in droves to Sport Utility Vehicles of various sizes, it would be easy to declare the sedan dead. SUVs were once large lumbering fuel inefficient things, now they’re spacious and packed with features the average buyer demands. But what if you’re not the average buyer by current market demographics? Then the 2022 Kia Cerato should be on that small passenger car shopping list.

And the word small is not a proper descriptor today. No modern car is truly small. It’s just small in relation to other cars further up the model range. The Kia however, has more than enough interior space to handle its five passengers and their accompanying cargo. The cloth seats are comfortable for long and short journeys and contrary to popular belief, you can get a nice high seating position in a car. The Cerato is more than capable of providing that stretch for the vertically challenged.

Not that they’ll have to reach far for anything as the large clear buttons, (including those on the steering wheel) are easily within reach at a moments notice. Otherwise the 8-inch infotainment screen delivers seamless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration for those who prefer to use a smartphone.

Inside the Cerato there’s enough refinement and technology to keep the buyer happy.

Part of the ethos of Kia is that they don’t have the deep history of other brands, so they’re not afraid to experiment. The Cerato’s interior has been as much as a stylistic trial as its exterior. Outside, it continues its sporty coupé design at the rear, because that works, as does the detonator-like remote borrowed from the more upscale Stinger GT. The Kia will draw positive attention, especially from those within the brand who will notice the new company logo on its front and rear. New for 2022, the Cerato gets LED lights to go along with its new front fascia while out back the bumper has been updated as well.

Inside, restraint is the design theme, with the dashboard now having more conventional looks, blending sharp angles and gloss back accents. Key touch points are soft touch to keep the car from feeling its price.

As daily transport the Kia Cerato looks to prioritize comfort. The cabin is quiet. Most other sounds will be drowned out by the stereo or conversation. Features like Keyless Entry, Cruise Control, and Automatic headlights carry a sense of upscale to the vehicle operation experience.

The Cerato is styled like a sports coupé

Engage SPORT mode and the Cerato surprises beyond its passenger car aims. Lacking a traditional CVT, and instead having a six-speed automatic transmission, the Kia shifts gears with clarity, pushing the free spinning 1.6-litre engine into the higher rpms to access extra acceleration. Even better, it doesn’t fall apart there. The chassis is more than up to the task, never faltering on the driven line. The suspension soaks up uneven pavement to give confidence through the corners. In the right hands, the 2022 Kia Cerato is somewhat fun to drive.

The 2022 Kia Cerato is now available from ATL Tiger Motors.