22 of our favourite childhood snacks

As children, any time we could dig into our lunch bags and enjoy our favourite snack was the best part of our day. Yes, we indulge in our gizzadas and grater cakes and such, but sometimes it was the store-bought goodies that got us going and made us grin.

There are many snacks that we enjoy daily but none as good as those we had as children.

Oftentimes loaded with sugar or coated in our dentists’ worst nightmare, all we knew was that it was delicious and made us happy. We could share them with our friends if we wanted, and if not, simply taunt them with “who beg nah get, and who nuh beg, nuh want”.

Take a walk down memory lane and check out some of our favourite childhood treats:

1. Animal Crackers: You can walk the animals …and then bite off their heads!

2. Policeman Button: You popped one in your mouth and you were good to go

3. Jackass Corn: If your teeth were suspect, leave them alone!

4. Cheez Krunchies: When you ate them, you found yourself humming

Cheese Krunchies

5. Chippies: The pre-Gilbert kind especially were to die for.

6. Shirley biscuit: That biscuit with a cup of Milo always hit the spot

7 Oreo: The younger generation believe in dunking this in milk.

8. Ovaltine: The biscuit AND the drink sell off

Ovaltine biscuits were among our favourite snacks.

9.Cheez Trix: A fave which is still widely popular

10.Cheez Stiks: You could always lick the salt off your fingers when you were done

11. Rough Tops: So tasty, so filling.

12.Ringo: It was round, red and sweet.

Rough Top

13. Paradise Plum: It was tangy and sweet and the best tasting sweet ever

14.Bustamante Backbone/Stagga Back. Some you could sink your teeth into, others really were rigid

15. Ritz crackers: It came from ‘farin’ so we loved it with cheese

16. Danish Cookie. Nothing created more excitement than that big round tin!

17. Ping Pong: Nice caa done!


18. Butterkist: A sweet sandwich biscuit with the cream in the centre

19. Cheers: Definitely something to cheer about

20. Catch: Everyone knows the long red nutty chocolate bar especially because of the song

21. Nuggle: Can you still nibble a nuggle?

22. Smarties: All the colours of the rainbow and chocolate to boot! We were in heaven!