4 Tips for surviving back to school traffic

? It’s the most wonderful time of the year? No, we’re not talking about Christmas. It’s that terrific time for motorists when leaving out 10 minutes late, doesn’t mean arriving 1-hour late for work.

The joys of driving when school is out.

Well, that’s about over this week, with most schools re-opening their doors for an anxious set of youngsters. Traffic pile-ups, unfortunately, will be an unavoidable feature on our roads.

We’re here to share 4 tips on how to endure – enjoy even – the time in traffic, while you travel safely to your destinations.

Listen to podcasts

This might seem like a no-brainer, but many of us often allow the extra hour or two in traffic to be virtually wasted. Why not use it instead as the perfect time to enrich your mind or provide entertainment that helps to de-stress. The range of podcasts available now are virtually endless and there’s something for everyone – for every hour of the day: current affairs, technology, nutrition, motivation, comedy, language-learning – you name it! So, go on, give it a try.

Breathe and stretch

Photo: Jason Tulio

After sitting in traffic for too long your body will begin to feel the aches and pains that come from being sedentary. If you are at a stoplight or in a standstill, pull up the handbrake, and do a few quick stretches for your shoulders, neck, back and hands. Not only will this be useful in getting the blood and oxygen flowing to the right places, but also allowing you to remain relaxed and alert.

Carpool karaoke on steroids

We’ve all done it! Taken our stellar shower voices to the car and belted out our favourite hits while behind the wheel. That’s perfectly fine, and oddly satisfying when you can nail every line of your favourite hit. Challenge yourself during that tedious traffic build-up to possibly memorise a new favourite. Channel that mental energy into learning, every line and note – amp it up and get a rap song from Twista or Eminem and speed things up for fun.

Finish That Book – Get An Earful

(Source: 2wired2tired.com)

You remember that list of books you compiled almost a year ago, promising yourself that you’d finish them by the end of the month? It’s OK, we’re not judging you for not completing it – or even starting. But technology has made it that much easier to not only complete your favourite booklist but keep your mind fully engaged, during what can be one of the most mind-numbing or tedious periods of time. So, before you drive out, turn on the app, and load up your favourite audiobook. The added attentiveness will also help keep you alert throughout your journey and help you tick one more thing off that to-do list.

Sound off in the comments with any favourites you have to pass the time in traffic. #HappyDriving