5 excuses people use to miss work

Thanks for not coming in Kelly, I’m happy to also do your work.

Have you ever been at work and your co-worker calls to tell the boss they will not be in that day? Sometimes we rolled our eyes because we know it means our workload just doubled and you just don’t feel like being Hercules that day. In our minds, there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just an excuse to go off gallivanting.

The following are some common excuses that bosses get tired of hearing from employees when it comes to missing work:

1. Illness: Some employers require you to cough up a lung before they believe that one.

That flu came on very suddenly, didn’t it?

2. Death: One boss was heard asking human resources to check to see just how many times an employee’s mother was reported deceased!

3. Inclement weather: Guys, rain does not automatically mean a cancellation of work.

4. Car trouble: If you are truly dedicated, some would advise you to park the car and catch a cab to work.

Car won’t start? Please, take the day. I wouldn’t dream of asking you to take a cab.

5. Hung over! The old radio ad that said “too much party last night” rings true and people do actually call in and say they cannot make it out because they overdid the previous night.