5 Go-to spots for vegans in Kingston

A rastaman is smiling somewhere and probably saying something like ‘a long time the rasta did a tell yuh seh ital is vital’. You probably scoffed at that advice 10 years earlier but now it is all about peas, beans and a wholesome lifestyle. 

Delicious vegan meals from New Leaf Vegetarian in Kingston, Jamaica (Photo: Don Waysome)

We now happily turn up our noses at the once very delicious stew pork – after all, ‘weh pork ago?’ Instead, it is all about faux meat, no cheese and other plant-based goodies. 

Like everywhere else in the world, Kingston, Jamaica is into the well-hyped vegan lifestyle and BUZZ is sharing five spots in Kingston that are ideal for vegans. Did we mention they’re all taste approved by our Editorial staff? Well, they are!

New Leaf Vegetarian 

It’s been at its 121 Hope Road location for what feels like forever – and long before the vegan craze hit Kingston Harbour.

New Leaf Vegetarian’s Pinto Bean and Avocado Wrap (Photos: Don Waysome)

This spot opens an hour before lunchtime and boasts sumptuous vegetarian goodies. Bean burgers, stir-frys, soups and delightful vegan pastries are just some of New Leaf Vegetarians’ offerings.

Plus they are known for their speedy delivery and friendly customer service.  

Take a dive into foodie land with these Thursday offerings from New Leaf Vegetarian in the gallery below.


What’s Gado Gado?  Have you ever eaten vegan steak?  What about sorell cheesecake? Those are just some of the items available on Kushites’ menu, which changes approximately every three months. 

Kushites’ West African Gumbo (Photos: Instagram @kushitesvegetablecuisine)

What’s more, if you are into Dr Sebi they also offer meal items exclusively for the alkaline diet. Appropriately located inside Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa, Kushites is vegan dining at its finest.

Gallery below with highlights of some of their customer favourites.

The place looks spectacular with stunning golden rococo-style furnishings, which makes it the perfect spot to bring someone you are trying to impress.

Mi Hungry 

It is the ital food spot that is a hit among local vegans – Jamaican vegans love Mi Hungry.

Vegan burger (Photos: Instagram – @mihungrynow)

Opening at an impressive 8:00 am each morning, Mi Hungry serves up a wide range of vegan dishes and plenty of freshly squeezed and cold press juices from sun up til well into the evening, closing just before midnight. 

Tucked away inside the food mecca that is Marketplace, what makes Mi Hungry unique is that nothing there is cooked – they offer what they call  ‘live’ food. 

Can you believe it? They offer pizzas, burgers and pastas and none of it has touched a stove!

See some of their delectable dishes in the gallery below.

How they do it? It is a variety of spicing and dehydration techniques. 

This spot boasts not only a unique food preparation style but is always buzzing with an ital vibe and lively banter about natural life and black consciousness.

It is a spot to not only nourish your body but nourish your mind and it is one of the most affordable natural eateries in town. 

Did we mention that they also have a location in Ocho Rios?

The Cheffing Don 

If you love a great bean stew – then The Cheffing Don is your place. The hit item on this menu is their three-bean stew, which is available on Wednesdays.

However, they have other equally delicious plant-based meal items that are ideal for vegans or those hoping to cross over.

The Cheffingg Don’s lentil stew, pastafari, sautéed ackee, steamed veggies, greatness salad, and green pressed plantains (Photos: Instagram – @thecheffingdoncatering)

Priding themselves on utilizing local and organic foods, The Cheffing Don has an ital vibe evident in the serving up of their delicately designed food masterpieces inside a calabash. 

Feast your eyes on some of their menu items in the gallery below.

With plenty of greenery and outdoor seating, this place is an ideal spot to grab something nutritious to eat while getting in tune with nature. 

Veggie Campus 

Nestled into Skibo Avenue, Veggie Campus is a stone’s throw away from the prestigious Holy Childhood High School.

While Veggie Campus is take-out only, this spot boasts plenty of fun and lively dishes that makes picking up the phone to order or sending the text a breeze.

Veggie Campus’ Veggie Ball Sub (Photos: Instagram – @veggiecampusja)

Boasting signature specials like their green plantain lasagna, which uses green plantains as sheets of pasta, stuffed with spiced lentils and creamy cashew cheese – Veggie Campus has the type of variety that makes you wonder why you ever thought veganhood was difficult. 

Delve into some of their tasty dishes in the gallery below.

Did we mention their bbq cauliflower? You’ll never miss the taste of bbq chicken wings again. 

— Story written by Denieca-Alexia Daniels