5 great Christmas hacks

Christmas comes but once a year, so let’s find some creative ways to make it memorable!

We all like a good hack as they make things easier, and who doesn’t appreciate the simple life? Since it’s the yuletide season, it may be a great idea to employ a few to cover Christmas activities that we all have to do but which may be time consuming, tiresome or monotonous.

Even though we love the excitement of the silly season, it can be a headache, at times, with all that comes along with it so try a few things on the list below and save some much needed time.

1.  Jazz up your Christmas light: Spray paint the pepper light cord gold or silver to wrap around the tree and make the overall decor pop.

A lil DIY never hurt anyone. Let’s see how best we can add some pizazz to our decor.

2. Re-purpose paint chips (the colour cards you get at the paint store with the various shades of different colours): Instead of throwing them out, cut them into cute shapes like a Christmas tree and hang out your tree or decorate a door or an area that seem bare.

3.  Store all your leftover wrapping paper in a garment bag: That way you can not only find it easily next Christmas but it stays organised and not lying all over the place.

4. Repurpose the Pringles container: Once we pop we usually do not stop until the can is empty but instead of throwing it away, why not use wrapping paper and decorating the can and make them cookie containers. You can do it for yourself or as a gift idea, especially if the cookies contained within were made by you.

5. Frost your cookies with a squeeze bottle: If you do not have icing bags and need to decorate cookie, use a squeeze bottle like the ones you put ketchup or mustard in. It comes out easy and has a convenient cover and can be store easily until you need to use it again.