5 mistakes you are making on your resume

What mistakes are you making on your resume? (Photo: Forbes)

You are up to your ears in qualifications, you are a leader, work independently and can use your own initiative to get things done efficiently, within budget and within a stipulated deadline. The problem is you have hardly gotten a chance to show off your skills as getting your feet through the corporate door has proven difficult time and again.

Maybe you are overlooking some detail; maybe you are not making a powerful enough first impression or maybe your resume is just not hitting the mark with potential employers who read it. You could be the best candidate for a job and still get overlooked if those sheets of paper with your life story is not telling a compelling enough tale. It may be time for you to take a step back and examine what you are putting out there and make some much needed changes, whether big or small.

1. Bad spelling and grammatical errors: This is a big no-no. Sometimes they just put them aside if the errors are glaring like in the very first sentence. That is unforgivable.

2. Outdated information: Your resume should be tailored to reflect the needs of the job you are seeking. If you worked as a cashier at your uncle’s shop in 2003, but is now applying for a job as a teacher, then that information does not need to be on your resume.

3. Too much information: If a job is sought after, no one is going to read or sieve through a 5 or 6 page resume. Perform major surgery and cut the things that are fluff such as your basic and primary school information. The only qualification you got there was a school leaving certificate and that is not relevant to your current skill set.

4. Mismatching job qualifications with career summary or job skills: If your job skills do not correspond with the jobs you have previously held, leave them out.

5. Using an unprofessional email address: It may seem like nothing to you but some human resource managers are not only fastidious but can in their nit picking assume that if your email is ‘hotgyalglammity69’, you are unsuitable for the job.