5 reasons why moms are way cooler than dads

This may spark some debate, but deep down most people know within
their hearts that moms are way cooler than dads.

Yes, dads allow the
kids to run amuck on occasion and not do their chores, but moms rule
in many respects both in and out of the home.

As the recognised backbone of this nation – with female-headed
households holding it down way more than they should – mothers are

They’re nurturers, diaper changers, tears and snot wipers,
meal providers, homework solvers, home remedy healers, last-minute
wardrobe malfunction fixers, carpool drivers, birthday party planners
and everything in between.

In celebration of all the wonderful mothers out there doing yeoman service, here are a bunch of reasons why mothers rule and fathers drool!

1.  She does not take a break. From the time she opens her eyes to the
time she lays down at night, she is working.

2. She knows exactly where everything is in the house (And where they
should be).

3. She does not have to go to the supermarket or grocery store in
order to feed a baby. Those things on her chest are not just

4. She can multitask. Who else can make dinner, sew up the tear in
that school uniform and solve a math equation at the same time?

5. She does it without expecting a ‘Thank you’ at every turn. She does
it because it is not only her job and responsibility, but because she
wants to.