5 reasons why you should have the VW Tiguan Allspace in your driveway

The Tiguan Allspace comes with extensive equipment as standard, has uncomplicated handling and many convenient extras which ensure that you can enjoy every day with it in a very relaxed manner.

The Tiguan Allspace is a best-seller for Volkswagen. If you’re in the market for a compact sport utility vehicle, today we give you our top five reasons why it should most definitely be on your acquisition list.


Technically it doesn’t have ALL the space, however, the VW Tiguan Allspace is pretty roomy inside. The interior is designed to provide both comfort and convenience. Then there’s a feature very rare in this segment, one that generally requires extra financial expenditure, seven seats. Correctly, VW calls it 5+2 seating. Still, having a third row that folds into the floor gives the Tiguan amazing cargo versatility, especially on the passenger front. The extra seats are best for kids and young adults. So, if you haul a basketball or netball team on a regular, give the Tiguan a look.

The key feature of the VW Tiguan Allspace is its third row of seating, allowing 5+2 seating


Power is usually lower down the list when purchasing an SUV. Some may also ignore the Tiguan because they see 1.4-litres on the engine specification sheet. When it comes to outright power engine the size isn’t everything but the VW is actually more powerful than many of its class rivals. How? Turbo. In 1.4 TSI trim the Tiguan has 148bhp and more impressive, 184lb/ft of torque. That last figure matters as it gives the vehicle the muscle it needs to easily handle whatever owners are expected to throw at it. Feeding that power to the front wheels is a willing six-speed dual-clutch transmission. No slow shifting automatic or buzzy CVT for the Tiguan.


For the real speed demons in the family, the Tiguan offers up unmatched performance in 2.0 TSI guise. At this point the turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder is upgraded to a turbocharged 2-litre motor. Horsepower jumps to 180bhp and torque a sports car rivalling 236lb/ft, with standard All-wheel drive, and an even faster acting seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Nothing else in the class has these numbers. And if that doesn’t get the blood pumping higher, then there’s the R-Line package, ramping up the visual aggression, sportier interior and adding gripper steamroller like 255/45/19 tyres.

The Tiguan uses its 1.4-litre turbocharged engine to give it more performance over many class rivals                     


The Tiguan is packed to the gills with more than the modern conveniences. It starts with the small stuff, like alerts to aid with fuel efficiency, and a central touchscreen that senses the proximity of a user’s hand to bring up contextual menus. Available technology increases to headlights that turn with the steering, as corner lamps illuminate to assist. Then there’s the big one, Park Assist. The Tiguan will detect parking spaces large enough for it to fit in and guide itself in with driver assistance using its reversing cameras and suite of ultrasonic parking sensors. And that’s not even the half.

Picnic tables for the second row, enough said.


Want to chill? Need to feed the kids in the second row or have them do homework on the go? Then the Tiguan has got you covered. A click of a lever quickly raises either of the picnic tables, plus their cup holders, integrated into the back of the front seats. How cool is that.