5 signs a man will waste your time

Finding the partner that completes you is every woman’s goal, but don’t let that blind you to seeing when he’s just not that into you.

If you had a dollar for every time someone shared a sob story about a trifling dude that wasted their time, you would probably be able to big a three-piece chicken combo with an extra large drink and fries.

Some receive the memo early and dip but others, unfortunately, sit around in ‘situationships’ for years waiting for them to improve.

It is trifling for a man to waste a woman’s time, especially her youthful years, if he knows that he is not ready or willing to do right by her. But humans are selfish creatures so they will do what they want as long as you allow them. It is best to recognise the warning signs from early so that you know when to make like a banana and split!

There are usually telltale signs that a man isn’t ready to commit and will likely waste your time. Check out some of our cues that were learnt the hard way.

See some of the warning signs below:

1. He is inconsistent: Pay attention to what they do more than what they say. If a man is ready to commit, no matter how busy he is, he will find time

2. He only calls you when he wants something: If he only calls you when he needs to scratch that itch, then that is the only value you serve to him. Move along if you don’t want to waste your best years.

3. He plays games: And we’re not talking Monopoly either. When you see the player come out in him, do not dismiss your intuition. Let him continue playing in his sandbox and step away while you still have some dignity.

4. He tells you upfront he doesn’t want a relationship: Ladies, stop thinking that you can change a man or that it’s even your responsibility to. If he tells you that, listen!

5. He says don’t pressure him: This is code for ‘Let me do as I please and do not hold me accountable’. Sister, put on your running shoes and hit the pavement because there is no future there for you.