5 signs it’s not quite a relationship

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if you’re relationship is heading towards greater commitment or separation.

You have been dating for months, if not years, and you still have no clue where you stand. There are no ties, no labels, no building a life together. You can’t call it a ‘friend with benefits’ situation because you are together often but you are no closer to knowing him than when you first met.

You’re not tethered. Actually you may be in limbo as there are so many mixed signals that you are left dizzy trying to keep up. The fact that you still don’t know anything substantial about him speaks volumes. He may be just stringing you along, or have commitment issues. It’s possible he just does not know what he wants out of life.

If there are little or no discussions about the future, it may be time to call it quits.

Below are five tell-tale signs of that ‘almost’ relationship:

1. He never talks about the future, he is fine in the here and now.

2. He never says ‘we’. He sure says ‘I’ a lot though.

3. The relationship has no known boundaries. He will flirt right in front of you and think nothing of it and cannot understand why you get upset. That’s because he does not see himself as being in a real relationship. It is not ‘cuffing season’.

4. Everything you know about him is basic information. It is all surface level things that even the post man would know.

5. He does not want to have long, intimate conversations. He gets annoyed or angry if you ask about goals and so you find yourself shying away from the hard, difficult but necessary questions .