5 things you need to stop immediately

Leading a happier life is dependent on making changes that will address mistakes you’ve made in past and prevent them from happening again.

A new year should come with the mind-set of moving forward. Why, you ask? Because the old ways of dealing and handling things were not working out for you. Using tried and proven methods that don’t work is the definition of insanity and can lead to frustration and take a mental toll on you.

Investing in your emotional well-being is often overlooked but it’s now time to take care of yourself by discarding some things that are not bringing you peace or joy. Remember, you cannot put a price tag of happiness so shed the load and step into 2021 lighter, brighter and with the unshakable clarity that comes with knowing you are nobody’s burden, buffoon or beating stick. 

Acknowledging what makes you happy, and the things that don’t, can be the difference between a purpose driven life and a sad existence.

1. Stop letting your good heart keep you in situations that keep break you down.

2. Stop being the ‘go-to’ person for people you can never go to.

3.  Stop breaking your back for people who clearly do not have yours.

4.  Stop giving people positions in your life that they do not deserve.

5. Stop giving CPR to dead situations. Somethings are not meant to be saved.