5 ways to get the guy (even if he’s taken)

So there are plans afoot to steal the heart of a man who already has a girlfriend. You want him to realise that he needs you in his life even if he does not see it as yet. While subterfuge is generally not our style, there is no harm in pursuing your goals and striving for what you want even if what you want technically belongs to someone else. They say all is fair in love and war so let us put that theory to the test by executing some moves that no one saw coming. May the force be with you!

1. Be confident: There is a difference between being confident and being overbearing so learn it quickly. If his girl is insecure, awkward and always hangs back, ensure that you are the opposite. A man who always has to think and do everything in a relationship will definitely appreciate someone who meets him halfway.

2. Listen when he speaks: Men like a girl who listens. Too often we are busy being right that we lose out when we get tuned out. A man can be present physically and be a thousand miles away because his woman just never let him get a word in edgewise. Do not hang on to his every word like a faithful dog but you need to listen just as much as you speak.

3. Support his hobbies and pursuits: Never laugh at his dreams. That is a sure-fire way of getting him to shut down. No matter how outlandish his passions may be, tell him that you have his back one hundred per cent.

4. If he is into sports, make sure you turn up for the game: Instead of going to watch that reality show, sit beside him and ask him to explain to you the rules of the game. Nothing turns on a man like a chick who’s into what he is into.

5. Let him be a man: It sounds simple enough but many women emasculate men without us even realising it. We belittle and talk down to them and ridicule them in front of their friends, driving them away instead of bringing them closer. Truth is, sometimes he is hanging on until something or someone better comes along.