6 ways to tell if someone is annoyed with you

The worst kind of annoying people are the ones who aren’t even aware they’re being annoying. BUZZ Fam, we hope that you are not at the extreme end of this kind, but if you are, just know that this is a safe place. And we’re here to help you; here are six signs that you can use to tell if someone is annoyed with you.

They sigh a lot

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No, the person is not tired…. well maybe of you, and your constant complaining, the story they had to listen to for the umpteenth time and you always ignoring their personal space. Trust us when we tell you that if someone sighs a lot when you’re talking to them, they’d much rather you stop talking to them.

Terse, short replies

There’s nothing that says, “I don’t want to talk you or I don’t want to talk about this right now” than terse, short replies. Yes, BUZZ Fam, if you find yourself getting those a lot, check yourself, you’re probably being annoying.

Leaving while you’re still talking

Goodbye homer

If someone is always in a hurry to leave as soon as you decide to start a conversation, or while in the middle of a conversation with you, then, it’d be best if you take that hint.

Interrupting while you’re speaking

Now, this can be interpreted as just rude. But what if the person is constantly interrupting you in the hope that you may get offended and walk away?

No eye contact

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This person is probably avoiding eye contact with you so that you don’t think they’re interested in the conversation and keep talking.

They have an expression of exasperation

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If you see this expression on anyone’s face, take note of it, and evacuate their space immediately.