6 ways to test if he’s the man for you

If he seems a little too perfect, maybe there’s a way to truly put him to the test and see what kind of man he is.

If your new beau is perfect but secretly you are waiting on the shoe drop, maybe there’s a way to speed up the process. It’s not that we are advocating searching for problems, but since no one is perfect sometimes it is best to know what you are getting into before you’re in too deep.

It may sound unfair but there is method to this madness; check out these ways to put him to the test.

1. Ask him what he thinks his bad qualities or traits are: Listen carefully for this answer. If he says he has none he is either a narcissist or an outright liar. If he starts reeling off a dozen or more easily, head for the hills. However, if he is reflective and can just admit to being a perfectly imperfect being and give you one to three bad habits that he says he is working on, you can work with that.

Do the exact opposite of what he wants and see how he responds; it may be all you need to know about your future together.

2. Do something the complete opposite of what he would like or want: This is a good way to see if he freaks out. That would be an indicator of a controlling nature.

3. Tell him you need to take things to the next level: Suggest something dramatic like ring shopping and see if he exits immediately. If he dashes instead of simply asking you for some clarification, he has commitment issues.

You wanna know if he plans on sticking around? Ask him to go shopping for engagement rings!

4. Pick an argument and watch what happens: Start a random fight on any topic of your choosing and just go in hard. If he tries to be the voice of reason and say that you can agree to disagree, he has a level of maturity that is admirable but if he goes off point and gets personal, that’s a serious red flag.

5. Test his patience: The last thing you need is a hot head so see how easy or difficult it is for him to keep his cool under fire as that can tell you a lot about a person

6. Turn your phone off for a day: How he reacts to this unexpected action can speak volumes. He may ether be worried and concerned about your safety which is sweet and shows he cares or he comes at you with anger because he could not get a hold of you which is another sign of him being a control freak.