7 reasons she’s just not that into (kissing) you…

There’s really no physical act quite as intimate as kissing. If you are doubtful just ask any ‘call girl’ and they will set your straight about how they will perform the craziest of sexual acts for a fee but when it comes to locking lips, this is off limits.

While some may have a hard time wrapping their minds around that, just understand that kissing is a method of sealing a bond between a couple. It can make your toes curl, your heart race, your skin flush and leave you lightheaded and giddy. That is, if it is done right. A kiss can make or break a new relationship as many times you hear of persons being rejected because he/she was a bad kisser who was trying to play ‘tonsil hockey’ instead of easing into the situation and taking his/her time.

Yes, kissing is a great way of initiating a torrid lovemaking session, start foreplay or just to feel close to your partner. However, there are times when a woman is just not quick to be offering up her lips or eager for you to be all up in her face, invading her personal space. See if you agree.

1.  There is food in your teeth. A quick brush never hurt anybody.

2. Your breath is ‘kicking’. Either go brush your teeth or invest in some TicTac

3. You are drunk. It is not sexy in the least.

4. You have a cold. And she does not want to catch it.

5. Your teeth maybe jacked up. Unfortunately, it can be a turn off for some.

6. She is just not in the mood. It does happen,

7. You’re a serial cheater. So she doesn’t know where your mouth has been recently. You could be the next ‘rum and raisin eater’ on the street for all she knows.