7 signs your drinking is out of control

Most of us have a drink now and again, some of us have a drink every other day, and then there are those of us that need to drink every single day. If you fall in the latter category, then you’re drinking may be out of control.

But don’t panic, we’re here to help you. Sobriety coach, and author of The Sober Survival Guide Simon Chapple, has shared ways for you to identify if you are in fact drinking too much, and advise on how to remedy it.

You’re drinking too much if….

Your personality changes after a drink

Do you become a totally different person after drinking? Are you rude and obnoxious? How do you feel about yourself the next day? If your drinking is causing you to behave badly, lose friends and is damaging relationships with others then you need to take stock.

You know in your heart you’re drinking to much

If you think that you are drinking too much, then you are. If you are unable to stop by yourself, seek help.

You’re flaking your responsibilities

Is your hungover from always drinking causing you to flake on your responsibilities at home and work? You are drinking too much.

You look for reassurance that you’re not drinking too much

Are you looking for ways to justify your excessive drinking? You are drinking too much.

You need alcohol to have a good time

You may tell yourself that you’re more relaxed and sociable after you’ve had a drink, but you could very well be wrong, and is simply giving yourself an excuse to drink more.

You’re always drinking alone and day drinking

Nothing is wrong with having a drink by yourself now and then, but how often do you do it? And are you always drinking in the day? To control, you could log the amount of times you’d had alcohol in a day. The figures may shock you and command you to do better.

You suffer from memory loss when you drink

Alcohol impacts both short and long term memory and over time can cause serious problems. If you’re suffering from blackouts when you drink and not be able to remember what you did the following day, then, this is more than a sign that you are drinking too much.