7 things that keep you from success

Achieving your goals will require hard work and, sometimes, going it alone.

Success – seven letter word that has different meanings and interpretations for everyone. Believe it or not, money may not everyone’s definition of success. Neither is fame, but whatever you assess true success to be, there are common factors that can easily prevent you from achieving it.

Some people try short cuts but few get by using the ‘any means necessary’ tactic. Not everyone sees the value of hard work and while people like to label millennials as ‘entitled’ and ‘spoiled’, they are not the only ones who want what they want when they want it, no questions asked or given. Old time people say, “easy come, easy go”, meaning people who do not appreciate the value of hard work, will not do what is needed to maintain what they’ve achieved.

If your dreams don’t scare you, then dream bigger.

Below are seven pitfalls to navigate if you wish to achieve your goals and reap true success:

1. Constantly trying to prove yourself to people: If they are not giving you a loan, you therefore do not need their approval.

2. Trying to do things without the requisite expertise: If you have no knowledge of an area, do not enter into the field blindly and ‘wing it’. Get help.

3. Self-doubt: It is probably one of the biggest obstacles to success but they say if when you dream, the scope of your dream does not frighten you, then you haven’t dreamt big enough.

4. Fear of judgement: People are going to judge whether you like it or not. Do it anyways.

5. Friends and family who want your goods or services for free: They say they support you yourself but do not understand that no business is ever operated on ‘trussing’. If they do not pay, do not give it away.

6. Comparing yourself to others: Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Maximise your strengths and down play your weaknesses.

7. Not reading the fine print: In everything you do, ask a million questions even if they sound stupid. Take nothing for granted and read every contract and if you do not comprehend all the jargon, get your lawyer to go over it before you sign anything.