7 things that no longer impress us

Degrees are great, but don’t let them define who you are.

The older we get, the less things shock us. We become seasoned to humanity’s callousness and we try to develop a thicker skin to navigate with as little hurt as possible. We prefer substance over hype; can decipher hype over compassion and cherish friendships over ‘fakeness’.

Below are a list of things that just don’t does impress us much. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

1. Titles: Some people actually believe that the designation of ‘Dr’ becomes their first name.

We love and appreciate all the work you’ve put into getting your professional titles but they aren’t all you are.

2. Money: It can buy practically anything but class. And true happiness.

3. Degrees: Some have more than a thermometer but still cannot apply that knowledge effectively.

4. Followers: That adage, ‘don’t believe the hype’ stands. Social media has fooled many into believing these people actually care about them.

Don’t become enslaved to your electronic devices and the momentary high you receive from a photo that gets great engagement.

5.  Flattery: Think of someone blowing smoke up your derriere and it does not sounds so nice.

6. Likes: Doing outrageous or silly things just to get people to click, like, subscribe and share must be exhausting.

7. Usage of big words: Action counts for more in the long run