7 things to master before the year ends

As 2020 ends, there are several things we should work on to ensure we live our best lives in the coming year.

As 2020 draws slowly to a somewhat painful close, we should stop and reflect on the past months and the many lessons we have learnt.

We should strive to continually be better people going forward hence growth, no matter how small, is a must. There are many things we should try to master as we grow older and journey through this landmine called life. Here are seven simple ones that anyone with half a brain can safely achieve if they set their minds to it.

1.  Not to chase after anyone: Do no chase, replace.

Chasing after someone who does not want to be with you can only end one way.

2. Do not beg anyone to stay in your life: If they cannot see how valuable you are, then it is their loss.

3. Know your worth: Stand in the confidence of knowing just how fortunate people are have you in their lives.

4. Save space in your life for people who matter. They matter because you matter to them.

5. Accept what cannot be changed: Start shifting the way you see it and soon it will not be so big a burden.

Accept the things which you cannot change and figure out how to proceed in a manner that’s best for you.

6. Leave what is not for you: After a while you can kind of figure out when you are flogging a dead horse.

7.  Loving yourself: Learn to love every pimple, scar, stretch mark, acne or black head that adorns your body. Just love the skin that you are in.