7 things to quit to live your best life

Almost three months down, yet there is still so much to accomplish. Making decisions that will make your life better should be a benchmark that we all aspire to – whether spiritually, physically or financially – because it bodes well for us, as we journey through life.

Every day we should try to be the best version of ourselves. How we achieve that is generally left up to us, but below are some things we can discard like old underwear if we intend to enlighten and empower ourselves and make our mark, regardless of how big or small it may be.

  • Procrastinating. Time lost can never be retrieved and there is nothing people regret as they get older than wasted time. Make the most of today while planning for tomorrow.
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  • Hating. Sometimes we become ‘bitter Betties’ who love to hate on others and if we examine the reason we often find that none makes real sense. At times we hate what we see in others because it is a reflection of ourselves, but we do not wish to admit that.
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  • Making excuses. If Nike sports did nothing else their slogan ‘Just Do It’ gave us something to cheer about.  Excuses are like landmines in our lives: they cripple us from reaching our potential. 
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  • Complaining. Nobody likes a whiner or a complainer. It is one thing to have a legitimate grouse that needs to be addressed or aired. It is another thing to constantly gripe about things like water being wet.
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  • Living in the past. You cannot change it, so do not dwell in it. Your past can haunt you more than how overnight food rides a sensitive stomach at 2 in the morning!
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  • Loving people who do not love you back. There is no pain quite like that of being with someone who does not love you back or cannot love you the way you need to be loved. Do not stay with someone who says the words but their actions do not match. Love does not hurt or harm. Love empowers and invigorates.
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  • Telling people your business. This is never a good idea. Point blank period. Even when it comes to sharing news about things you are going to do to move yourself forward, be wise as well as strategic and only share AFTER it is done as not everyone around you has your best interest at heart.
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