‘7 Times Rise’: Producer believes Thriller U song will be a hit

Veteran reggae producer Bobby Crisas has high hopes for his latest rhythm project, which is titled the ‘Come Home’ rhythm.

Thriller U’s track, 7 Times Rise, was released in October.

The lead single from the project is an inspirational reggae track done by reggae singer Thriller U called 7 Times Rise.

The single, which appears on his B-Crisas label, was released on the October 15, 2019. Since then it has enjoyed steady rotation both locally and abroad.

“Everyone is saying it’s a hit.”

— Producer Bobby Crisas

“I believe 7 Times Rise has the potential to be a huge success. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from music industry insiders about it; everyone is saying it’s a hit. It’s getting a lot of support from DJs in Jamaica, Canada, the US, the UK and Europe,” said the producer.

Bobby Crisas is also promoting two other singles from the ‘Come Home’ rhythm project – It Takes Two by Pad Anthony and Good Bye Good Bye by Phillip Fraser. Both songs were also released in October 2019.

“Pad Anthony and Phillip Fraser are two of the best singers from the early sound system era in Jamaican music. They’ve recorded two very good songs on the ‘Come Home’ rhythm,” said Kingston-born Bobby Crisas, who now resides in Canada.