7 valid reasons to vote this general election

If you are like me, by now you’re sick and tired of all the election advertisements, dub plates, songs, campaigning and shenanigans. You just want it to be over so that life can return to some semblance of normalcy, pandemic notwithstanding.

Regardless of your political stance, your participation in the process is important to helping determine who will make decisions on your behalf.

 However, while you are over the organised propaganda, do not be over the electoral process as every citizen in Jamaica who is a registered voter should exercise their franchise come September 3.

Please do not use corona as an excuse because you can wear your mask, bring your hand sanitiser and maintain your physical distance. Too many people think it is fine and dandy to criticise from the side lines like an unofficial coach without being part of the solution which then makes them part of the overall problem. It is not good enough to just say “neither side is any good” because, believe it or not, whichever party assumes power will be making decisions on your behalf. Therefore, by dismissing the process, you discard your rights to determine who will act on in your best interest.

There are many reasons to vote but whichever one could get you to the polling station is the one you should consider.

Don’t just take my word for it, but analyse the following reasons and see why you cannot just be a bystander in your life:

1. You should not let others decide your future.

2. The laws of the land affect you and therefore. the government in charge will affect you.

3. Your forebearers never got the opportunity you now have, do not take it for granted.

4. Once, only the rich and those who owned land could vote so the ordinary people never got to decide what was best for them. Now you can.   

5. Even in 2020, the right to vote is still not afforded to some segments of the population, particularly women. Jamaica has long adopted a free and full democratic process that, even with its hiccups, works.

6. Voting facilitates independence and free will. Get to know the candidates, their manifestos and philosophies to make informed decisions.

7. Not voting does not make you special or smart, it just means you defaulted on your responsibility to be part of  an important process.