7 ways to go from option to his number one

In the beginning you were exploring your options and didn’t want to be exclusive. Now you want to be not a girlfriend but THE girlfriend hence you need to moved from being an option to the priority in his life.

Ready to make the big jump and commit to him? We have some ways to send not so subtle hints.

But how exactly do you plan on going about this? Do you intend to give him that memo or are you just going to devise your own master plan and execute it to the best of your ability? Is it even possible to move from one category of a relationship to another without the consent or approval of the other party and are you ready to put in the work? If you are committed to being committed in a relationship, see if the following list speaks to you.

(Note, this list is not to be taken seriously but if something on here happens to help you, a wedding invitation is thanks enough.)

1. Never complain: Do not be a Nagging Nancy. Keep your issues to yourself.

2. Watch sports with him, even the ones you do not like:  Just cheer for whichever team he is rooting for and put a smile on your face

Be the girlfriend watches sports. No one said you have to care about it or even understand what’s happening.

3. Be friends with his friends: Make space in your heart for even the overbearing and annoying ones that eat up all your food and never know when it’s time to go home.

4. Run errands for his mother: The way to a man’s heart is through his mother, so be extra sweet and extra helpful.

Your biggest roadblock won’t be another woman, it’ll be his mother.

5. Provide regular massages: Aromatherapy and essential oils can be the deciding factor so put those hands to work.

6. Cook at least one of his favourite meals weekly: This will ensure that you have the other way to his heart on lock

7. Always be willing to have sex: Invest in some new lingerie and accept that rug burns come with the territory. If you want good, your knees have to rub!