Seven ways to tighten the vagina

If we are honest, vaginal tightening is as much an obsession for women, as penis enlargement and staying power are to men.

Some women are obsessed with methods that may tighten their vagina in order to increase sexual pleasure.

Movado sang about the need for long distancing ‘stulling’ but Aidonia said  having a good ‘uku’ makes all the difference in the world, so how does one go about achieving that ‘vice grip’ effect without surgery?

Though we cannot advocate trying anything other than what your gynaecologist recommends, you should at least know that there are some topical options out there.

We’ll start with the craziest and then work our way down to those that actually get medical endorsement:

1. Cake soap: It does more than keep your clothes clean and face ‘cool’. Believe it or not, some women insert small slivers into their ‘you know where’ for hours prior to intercourse.

Some woman cut cake soap into slivers and insert them into the vagina in hopes it will tighten it. (Photo: Pinterest)

2. Alum: Packed with potassium and sulphide minerals, you can grind it into paste, shape it into a bar or sprinkle into a bath with a little rose water. It is also said to it good for eliminating body odour, killing bacteria and fungus and for healing sores and wounds.

3. Wasp nest: Women would up a nest and insert the cubes in their vaginas. (Side note: Please take the wasps out first!)

4. Aloe Vera: It increases elasticity, makes the skin more flexible and easier to repair so it can be used as a vaginal wash or douche when necessary.   

We all know the miraculous uses of Aloe Vera, including skin and haircare, but vaginal tightening?

5. Vitamin E capsule: You can take it vaginally as it treats dryness and helps to build and strengthen the vaginal walls and keep it healthy.

6. Yoga: Its purpose extends far past meditation as, if done often enough, it will strengthen the muscles in your nether region.

Doing yoga is said to help strengthen your pelvic region and possibly tighten the vagina.

7. Kegels: These exercises are certified successful if done right. Simply squeeze your pelvic muscles and hold the contraction for a few seconds at a time. Ensure that you are not clenching your abdomen and butt in the process